We aim to represent the positive and successful stories of life. Specifically, to demonstrate that ability is an acquired method that all can achieve. ​We discuss mental and physical chronic health conditions to provide awareness, prevention, and management strategies.

Our Team

The iAble-Team consists of health professionals from various academic disciplines with multiple views on the concept of rehabilitation and achievement. Our niche strives to provide tools, ideas, stories, and functional approaches to be able to do more.

Also, we have a keen interest in sports science & nutrition and its effect on health, wellness, personal growth, and cognitive maturity. Our Team is spread across the globe and build-up with physicians, physiotherapists, health and physical educators, coaches, and athletes of all kinds. We would like you to trust us that all the content presented is evidence-based and most importantly experts and practice approved.

Our Story

Similar to other projects, this one launched when life forced to slow down or even to stop and to adapt to a new environment, a situation that needed to redefine motivations and interests. The sense of impact on the surrounding was overall satisfied. However, we saw other opportunities to cultivate meaning and development. A new door can open to those who can adapt and optimize the way we perceive ability.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by everyday conscious living, keeping things simple, and staying humble. We believe in human matter and still witnessing its distinction every day. Working in clinical rehabilitation settings provided the chance to fully observe and adapt the connection between mental and physical wellness and proved that the existence between the two is mandatory. Thus, it is our mission to approach and mediate social, psychological, and physical constraints and to discuss abilities, capabilities, and skills.