Meditation Cushion

Meditate More and be More Mindful

There are many available meditation tools and free courses to practice and train the mind. Letting go of prior and accumulated stress can assist one in generating better well-being. Meditation is a useful mental practice that boosts overall health and is very easy to do, but it requires training. There are numerous studies that support that meditation is best for improving psychological and physical health. It may provide adequate help to handle negative emotions and feelings appropriately.

Meditation cushion/Pillow

Meditation is basically a technique of thinking profoundly and focusing your’ mind for some time. While there are numerous types of meditation, the ultimate purpose is a feeling of inner peace and a feeling of relaxation, which may increase mental health and your overall well-being.

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Meditation Role in Management of Chronic Pain:

In a study of 148 adults with fibromyalgia, 74 participants received 8 weeks of meditation and awareness training while the remaining 74 were assigned to the control group. Pre-testing and post-testing results were evaluated, and a retention/follow-up test was done 6 months after the training was over.

The results of the study showed significant improvement in pain perception, sleep quality, and psychological distress in the meditation group compared to the control group. Also, it was suggested that meditation could be a suitable treatment platform for people with fibromyalgia.